Given a choice, which vaccine you would prefer against COVID-19?

News for Mr. Schrödinger. From The New Yorker March 30, 2015

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Involuntary biometric #surveillance in public spaces is an outrageous humiliation and a severe attempt to restrict personal freedom with hardly any benefits to general security ...

Please consider signing and promoting the @reclaimyourface European citizens initiative. (If enough EU citizens sign such initiatives, eu comission has to put this on their agenda!)

Just got another e-mail survey, and how do you like this:

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Received an unsolicited e-mail with confidentiality notice? Just ignore it. (1) By sending an open unsolicited e-mail to your mailbox the sender already violates any confidentiality, and disclaimers would not help. (2) You have never agreed to hold the correspondence confidential. (3) Open, unencrypted e-mail can be treated as public by your organization.

Microsoft, U.S. Treasury, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the list of hacked government agencies and companies extends to 18,000. I wonder how long any "Lawful Access to Encrypted Data Act" would stay "lawful"?

@natalia Congratulations to Natalia, a newly elected signature member of the American Impressionist Society americanimpressionistsociety.o

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Wrote some python scripts that draw the classical trajectories of the double split experiment. Pilot Wave theory is a classical interpretation of quantum mechanics!

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Congratulations DEGART 2020 International Art Show & Contest for professional artists winners:
Best of the show: Hailey E. Herrera (USA)
Best Oil painting: Natalia Andreeva (Russia / USA)
Best Watercolor: Alexander Gorelov (Russia)
Best drawing: Alexander Goreliv (Russia)
Honorable Mention (pointillism art): Eric Theodore (USA)
Honorable Mention : Apolinario Neil Folloso (Philippines).
All artworks available for sale at Degallery (Texas, USA)

Last week Florida State University tested 1875 people for covid and 52 were found to be positive. The official positivity rate is quoted as p=2.77%. What do you think the 95% confidence interval for the positivity rate is?

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Want to stop climate change? Embrace the nuclear power!

Estonia is about to start requiring identification for purchasing SIM cards. Finland, Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania, U.S. and Canada are the countries that do not currently require identification verification for pre-paid SIM cards.

A study has found that as a result of evolution more people are being born without wisdom teeth and with an extra artery in their arm.

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