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My next free demo and lecture on Tuesday, August 11, 6:30-7:30pm (US Eastern Time) at Chesapeake Fine Art Studio will be all about examining the motif of the flower in detail.
Click here for the link and scroll down to register for the free event.
You will get a Zoom sign in link emailed to you.

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Happy to finally spot the Hieroglyphic Flat (Odina hieroglyphica) today, 2 August, 2020 at Upper Seletar Reservoir, Singapore. It was quietly resting at a sunlit spot on a forest path.

Despite appearances, this is a butterfly (a member of the skippers) and usually rests with its wings flat, showing off the distinctive, cryptic patterns on its wings.

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Hand light study in #oils - I liked the outdoors lightning on the reference, and the grace of the hand pose. So it was a pleasant subject to practice turning form with color temperature 😁 #oilpainting #art #mastoart #traditionalart #painting #hand

We are going to fly on Mars! Last week NASA launched a helicopter to fly around the red planet.

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Ready made large canvases are too expensive, so I have been making my own stretchers and stretched canvas on it . It has been a nice woodworking moment, and I am happy of the result. #oilpainting #art #mastoart #woodworking

-19 It is possible that humans have encountered the covid-19 virus before because 40 to 60% of individuals have T-cells that specifically tailored to detect proteins on the surface of covid-19. See

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Online Class is boring so have a #Sketch
Im trying to push my character design

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A typical 100W solar panel, depending on location, produces about 200-400 Watt-hours of energy per day. That is around 14 kW-hours per year.

Is thermoelectric cooling better than a traditional compressor


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