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Demographers find that
a hypothetical 1 million US deaths in the COVID-19 epidemic would mean a drop in life expectancy for 2020 by 2.9 years, equivalent of U.S. mortality levels in 1995.

The scenario of 1 million COVID-19 deaths is similar in scale to that of the decades-long HIV/AIDS and opioid-overdose epidemics but considerably smaller than that of the Spanish flu of 1918.


Investigation of competition in digital markets:
US Government vs Facebook, Google, Amazon and Apple:
Subcommittee staff found evidence of monopolization and monopoly power....

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Should zoom video classes be recorded?

Should zoom video classes be recorded?

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Join us and sign up for FREE online Demo "Oil Painting" with World class Artist Natalia Andreeva

facebook started to prevent people from following links to claiming it is a dangerous site. But experts suggest that the facebook itself is much more dangerous website to be at. Picture shows privacy and security comparison between facebook and oval

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I'd like to put forward a challenge, let us share our watercolor journals! Practice you skills, show your works, and depict your visions and journeys in watercolor.
See my works and post yours at our artist social medial site
use hashtag when you post.
Your journals will give us something to talk about.

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We started registration for the 1st International Art Exhibition and Competition DEGART 2020 for professional artists around the world.
Theme: "Travel Around the World"
DEGART 2020 is being hosted by DEGALLERY located in historic Bryan, Texas, November 17 through December 29, 2020. The Opening Reception will be held on November 17, from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. with the awards presentation at 6:30 p.m.

Application Dates:
Sept. 1, 2020 – October 1, 2020 (midnight PDT)

How to adjust privacy of your post? Just click on the globe before you "toot". Want to know who exactly will see your toot? See details at

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What happened during the DDoS attack on Tutanota this weekend - answers to all your questions:

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Thanks for bearing with us through this DDoS attack. We apologize for the inconvenience last night and thank you for your patience! Tutanota is back up now.

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Whether it is art or science, we all now teach remotely.
Will remote teaching replace the traditional, in person classes?

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