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I'd like to put forward a challenge, let us share our watercolor journals! Practice you skills, show your works, and depict your visions and journeys in watercolor.
See my works and post yours at our artist social medial site
use hashtag when you post.
Your journals will give us something to talk about.

Trying to make a decision what to pick for the show at the Sage restaurant.

It is link to time_lapse: You can see now how this watercolor "Holiday City" from my workshop Holiday Greeting Cards was created. It is available.

Thank you everyone who joined me for a preview today. You can still register at for a week-long workshop where we will create some personal Holiday Greetings in watercolor that you can send to you family and friends. We will meet in zoom everyday 4:30-6 pm (EST) during the week November 30-December 4th.

It was hard to pick a right view to paint so much to see.

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Congratulations DEGART 2020 International Art Show & Contest for professional artists winners:
Best of the show: Hailey E. Herrera (USA)
Best Oil painting: Natalia Andreeva (Russia / USA)
Best Watercolor: Alexander Gorelov (Russia)
Best drawing: Alexander Goreliv (Russia)
Honorable Mention (pointillism art): Eric Theodore (USA)
Honorable Mention : Apolinario Neil Folloso (Philippines).
All artworks available for sale at Degallery (Texas, USA)

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A study has found that as a result of evolution more people are being born without wisdom teeth and with an extra artery in their arm.

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