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AFIS Does Oval.cc

A solution to email privacy and spam

What is oval.cc

By creating a unique email address associated with a specific vendor, company, or service, oval.cc can effectively keep your inbox clean of unwanted ads while also providing information on who is giving away your email addresses.

Example emails:


The only information Oval.cc stores are emails, username, and passwords. Driven by privacy and security, Oval.cc hashes all information via, for example, Argon2. Following the JWT standard, upon logging in an access token is generated for the logged-in user, which grants access to our servers for only that user. The token is stored in a session cookie and will become obsolete after a certain period of time, requiring the user to log back in. TLS1.2 is used for sending data between a users computer and our servers.

Powered by: rust, actix-web, tera, python, postfix


  • Format (and decode) emails to be presentable
  • Provide analytics of emails, displaying which services were used by unexpected services. This would be useful for discovering who shared your emails.
  • Stronger spam filter
  • Hardware 2FA
  • Android App
  • Grouping services (academic, business, etc.)
  • Forwarding emails

"There's plenty of room at the bottom."

Richard Feynman


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